Frequently Asked Questions

Here is an explanation of some commonly asked questions I hope will help you make your decision.

How does the lift cycle work?

After initiating the lift cycle with the lift arm I’ve measured the force of the springs to provide 45 pounds of lift ability to mid lift cycle (lift arm at 90 degrees) with very little assistance. Anything above 45 pounds begins to add weight that is being managed by the operator. The lift is designed to provide most of the help to the mid lift cycle which gives the operator better positioning for lifting the container.  There are several things happening through the lift cycle which create the advantages of our design. Primarily the weight of the container gradually transfers to the locked base wheels once the lift arm passes 90 degrees of angle. By the time the lift arm is inverted vertically all the weight of the container is on the base of the lift which is secured to the dumpster. You can let go at this point and nothing happens.

How should the operator be positioned?

Another advantage that needs to be pointed out is the operator is able to assist the lift through the lift cycle with shoulders square to the dumpster. No lifting and twisting! 

The actual experience of using this lift will be better than having another human assisting you. This is the result of the Eagle lift providing all the control of the dump cycle from ground to dumping so the operator is only providing the lift assist.

Eagle Lift Specification Sheet

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